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You never have enough Vises


Corn Hauler
Brought home a couple vises from the farm that needed some TLC. I started with the one in the middle. The one on the left one of my vises from my garage.
Vises.jpgVise After.jpg

I took it apart then put the pieces into a bucket of Evaporust. Wiped it down, lube it and put it back together.

Going to make some soft jaws for the other 2 vises next.

Tip: Do not drop sharp pieces of metal into a plastic bucket, it will cause it bucket to crack and you will loose $30 worth of Evaporust.

Mach1 Driver

Active Member
Evaporust is amazing stuff. I had an old rusted torque wrench with a painted scale- threw it in the stuff and it came out shiny and didn't touch the painted scale.