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Like a Scene Out of a Scary Movie

Discussion in 'Non Mustang General Discussion' started by janschutz, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. janschutz

    janschutz Corn Hauler

    Last weekend was the last time I was going to hunt this deer season. I remembered my old stand back in the woods (Use to call it "The Outhouse" because of the design). I thought of moving to where my stand is currently and use it to store the feeders.

    Trees have grown up around it so I do not think it will ever be moved but it reminded me of a scene out of a scary movie.

    The Outhouse.jpg

    KBMWRS What did the moron say today?

    Don't forget to move the hole that's under it too.:p:D
  3. tarafied1

    tarafied1 Well-Known Member

    that is kind of creepy looking!

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