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Members rides, Favorite Picture of YOUR car

Discussion in 'General Mustang Discussion' started by Fast68back, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Fast68back

    Fast68back Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    The past two days I have seen a few really nice pictures of members rides and responded to the posts pointing it out. So I figured, why not start a thread for everyone to post just ONE picture of their car, their (current) favorite picture.

    This is my current favorite.

    StangFix likes this.
  2. B67FSTB

    B67FSTB The NorCal dude from Belgium

    Here is mine :
    and i am proud of it. :coo :ep
  3. 6t6red

    6t6red Active Member

    Here is mine. I need to take more pics. this summer. Mine is on the left of course.
  4. Laurie S.

    Laurie S. Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Okay, I'll play. Here are my favorite photos of Murphy and Trouble:


  5. stangg

    stangg Member

    Cruising into the 2009 New England Summer Nationals...

  6. lethal289

    lethal289 Active Member

    I always thought from your sig it was blue, now its green. Nice car.

  7. scedd

    scedd Well-Known Member

    Here Frankenstang all clean and shiny for a change

  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    That, is one badda$$ look'n Mustang :coo
  9. 70_Fastback

    70_Fastback Hell Bent for Speed Staff Member Moderator

    Way to clutter up Rick's PICTURE thread Jake - with NO picture. Sheesh.

    And here is my favorite so far:
  10. lethal289

    lethal289 Active Member

    Look again J, im compliant :bird :lol
  11. 70_Fastback

    70_Fastback Hell Bent for Speed Staff Member Moderator

    Hey Scedd - is that a 69/70 spoiler on your car? Recent addition? I don't see it in your sig pic.
    r66pony likes this.
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

  13. Fast68back

    Fast68back Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Its funny, right after I posted this topic I was expecting someone to make a comment that their favorite picture would be their signature picture, but it seems that most of your favorite pictures are not your sig pics. I feel vindicated....
  14. garner67

    garner67 Active Member

    Here's my current favorite pic from a couple of months ago. Now that I'm almost done with reassembly, i really need to get out and take some new pics.

  15. scedd

    scedd Well-Known Member

    I always liked these spoilers and to me, once a car has been bastardised as much as this one has, it doesnt matter if it doesnt belong
  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I think it looks gooooooood!
  17. AzPete

    AzPete Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Looks good for sure. What is the hood ornament?
  18. lethal289

    lethal289 Active Member

    That is a sharp car Scedd! What else have you done to it? Did you convert it to right hand drive? I think its time you grace us with just a thread on this car. Maybe a build thread with tons of details?
  19. Sluggo

    Sluggo Active Member Staff Member Moderator

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