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Midlife/Refurbished Dash Harnesses

Discussion in 'Vendor Evaluation Board' started by AzPete, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. AzPete

    AzPete Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    I must say, after installing a refurbished dash harness supplied by Randy, it was done in a very professional manner. All connectors were in great condition. Wires were clean and properly colored matching the schematics. The wrapping was nice and tight with adequate gaps left for working room.

    I have installed new after market stock harnesses before and there was not enough differences in this refurbished harness to even think about doing a new one.

    His price and warranty are just the icing on the cake with this product.

    If anyone is wondering about doing a refurbished harness from Randy, I would say don't hesitate. Get yours done or purchase one outright from him and you will be happy.

    (PS, if you can locate his house, he even likes to help install....)
  2. MarkStang

    MarkStang Member

    MidLife Vintage Parts

    I needed an under dash Harness for my 65. I also wanted to ad Fog lights in the future. Randy supplied me with a refurbished GT harness that not only exceeded my expectations it was also priced Hundreds cheaper than any alternative. Once I received the Harness I started taking my old one out, well, I then chickened out . I have always had fear of complex electrical wiring and never used the one I bought from Randy. It was too embarrassing for me to ask for a refund so I kept it to myself. From the moment of realizing my fear I started looking into why I had a problem with my original wiring and looked at the only place I had a clue about. The Fuse Box. I found three posts that appear broken or loose from the back side view. I ordered the parts and fixed it myself. This task itself was quite difficult since the new clips are brittle and the work area impossible. I finished it and my intermittent problems were gone.

    Well one year later I decided to ask Randy if he would help me sell the one I bought from him after explaining why I never used it.

    Randy promptly not only offered to help me , he offered me a full refund for the harness as soon as it arrived back to his shop. This kind of service is amazing to me. No place of business is ever obligated to give full refunds, (electronics, Never ever) yet Randy did so, even after I asked him to just help me resell it. Thumbs up to a guy that really cares about his customers long after a purchase. Randy also never made me feel like an amateur regarding my fears.
  3. RustyRed

    RustyRed Active Member

    I am currently working on installing my main harness after Randy gave it the once over and built me a new e-flasher switch. He's really helpful with service after the sale though I am sure I've probably driven him crazy with several questions to make sure I know where all the various wires plug in, LOL!

    I am probably strange but when installing a harness of any complexity, I prefer to lay it out on the work bench and make sure I know where everything goes before I start the actual install and I've been know to even label the various wires with masking tape that can be pulled off after everything is plugged in.

    Hoping to put the harness back in sometime over the weekend.
  4. AzPete

    AzPete Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Laying the harness out on a bench is a good idea. You get to see the flow of the bundles without being upside down and looking with one eye and no light. lol

    I just heard Randy is enlarging the doors of his place so his head will fit thru. You all just cost him money..... :lol
  5. Knapper

    Knapper New Member

    Randy has been a pleasure to deal with. I had short that melted one of my wires in the dash cluster. He was able to diagnose the problem from a one sentence description. He was able to supply me with the small parts needed and my cost must have barely covered his (and he threw in a couple of other items he figured I would need). There were multiple shipping problems (post office related, not vendor related), but he addressed them immediately. It appears he is more concerned with helping others than making a profit. The thing about Midlife is the willingness and desire to support others in the hobby. I am sure there will be more wiring issues to deal with and I will gladly turn to Midlife again.
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  6. Mach1 Driver

    Mach1 Driver Active Member

    I mark every wire every time, even if its only one. I know I can figure it out if I have to, but why put myself to the bother If all I have to do is mark it.

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