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FORSALE New Tremec T56 6 Speed w/ Bell Housing & Speedo pick-up

Discussion in 'Classifieds (General)' started by 1965GTFB, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. 1965GTFB

    1965GTFB Member

    New Tremec T56 6 Speed. Includes Bell Housing for small block Ford(289, 302, 351). Also includes Speedo hookup. This is a new unused unit. Tag number is H2802, 13-86-012, AA11379. Great 2 overdrive tranny for muscle car with stroker motor and low rear end gears.
    Rated for 450hp, 610 ft. lbs. torque gear ratios are 1st-2.97, 2nd-2.07, 3rd-1.43, 4th-1.00, 5th-0.80, 6th-0.62, Rev-3.28
    Does not include fork and throw-out bearing shown in pic.
  2. 1965GTFB

    1965GTFB Member

    Pics that I couldn't get attached until I cut them down.

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