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Recommendation needed on Bay Area Body Shop

Discussion in 'General Mustang Discussion' started by MD69Boss, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. MD69Boss

    MD69Boss Suspected Troll

    I have a spare pair of rear bumper brackets for my 69 Boss.
    I am unhappy with the way the rear bumper conforms, (or doesn't), to the back of the car, and am looking to see if someone has a shop recommendation that will be able to work with the mounts to get the rear bumper to tuck nicely against the rear of the car.
    All feedback is appreciated...
  2. crustycurmudgeon

    crustycurmudgeon Well-Known Member

    If you have the pop-open gas cap, make sure it won't hit the bumper when you open it.
  3. B67FSTB

    B67FSTB The NorCal dude from Belgium

    Don't know any shop but sometimes, its better that the bumper isn't that close to the body if you have a small"accident" .
    Just my 2 eurocent.

    KBMWRS What did the moron say today?

    Larry at Morgan Hill Auto Body does excellent work but not sure if he would do such a small job. His shop does major insurance work.
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  5. RagTop

    RagTop Old Grumpy

    You'd probably have to take that to a customizer. Most body shops, as Mike intimated, are totally absorbed in insurance repairs where their margins are. A job like yours would be a major distraction for those folks and, therefore, very expensive. It would also take a very long time since your car would occupy the extreme back burner. Your bumper fits like every other '69 Mustang I've ever seen. It's a boss. Don't screw with it.
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  6. MD69Boss

    MD69Boss Suspected Troll

    Appreciate the advice, Rags, but the only screwing with I plan on are on the $39 repop bumper mounts... I will get around to it, eventually, just not today, wasn't sure if this was something I could get done in the interim, again thanks for the feedback...
  7. MD69Boss

    MD69Boss Suspected Troll

    I do not, I have the screw on cap with the running horse...
  8. crustycurmudgeon

    crustycurmudgeon Well-Known Member

    If there was just an eighth of an inch more on the left side of your picture... lol.
  9. Horseplay

    Horseplay Well-Known Member

    If you already have the brackets why not do it yourself? Shouldn't be that tough to measure the distance you want it in and up and alter the brackets to get it there. I had to rework mine to get the bumper up and in a bit. I probably should have moved it more looking at it now but it wasn't tough. I used a die grinder with a thin cut-off wheel to notch out slots, bent the bracket into the cut, tacked it, made the second "adjustment the same way and then finished it up with better welds and called it a day. Best kind of do-it-yourself project because no one will ever see the modified parts! Besides, the brackets are cheap so even if you screw it up no big loss.
  10. MD69Boss

    MD69Boss Suspected Troll

    That is my plan B, Terry, thanks, I just have to get off my duff...

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