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SOB this hurt!

Discussion in 'Non Mustang General Discussion' started by gwstang, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. gwstang

    gwstang Member


    i feel like someone was chiseling on my frigging neck bone! Oh wait, he was. :wth I got the bad disc in the neck fixed today. Got back to recovery and promptly started throwing up. Damn anesthesia does that to me. :skul Can't do scchiit for a good long while, mustang is probably glad I won't be feeling it up or reaming something out for awhile....lol :shee I officially will light up and glow when I go thru the airport screening now! I love having extra hardware screwed into my spine.
  2. cmayna

    cmayna DILLIGARA? Donator

    Hell, I light up and glow all the time. Never felt the pain you're going thru. :wtf
  3. Flysure1

    Flysure1 Active Member

    Ouch---you don't look happy---hope you heal fast, I kinda slipped on stairs today and I am pretty sore tonight where they sawed through my chest.----getting old sucks.
  4. DEL65

    DEL65 Owner of Invisible Mustang

    Ouch, sorry you're not feeling well. Coming down off that anesthesia is worse than an hangover. I hope the worst of it is behind you.

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