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Soft Top Maintenance

Discussion in 'General Mustang Discussion' started by JonnybravoM3, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. JonnybravoM3

    JonnybravoM3 Member

    Hi all

    So my 65 convertible is due to arrive on 4 Jan, after a long wait, can't wait ( attached pic before shipping) ! Wanted to get recommendations on good products to use for soft top cleaning/ maintenance/ protection please. I've been recommended the Chemical Guys kit, but I've read mixed reviews on Amazon.

    Thanks! JB[​IMG]

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  2. B67FSTB

    B67FSTB The NorCal dude from Belgium

    I don't think that kind of softtop need much maintenance except once in awhile a good wash with some dishsoap.
    Its not that fabric style of todays convertible which need more maintenance.
  3. Horseplay

    Horseplay I Don't Care. Do you?

    Disclaimer: No experience or first hand knowledge on the subject

    Common sense tells me that even the old tops could benefit from some type of UV protection. Especially in your climate.
  4. JeffTepper

    JeffTepper Well-Known Member


    Generally for long vinyl convertible top life, one must consider several points:

    - Keeping the top clean is probably the single most important task for a convertible owner. Using mild soap, water and a soft bristle brush is the best way to clean the top.
    - Never use the shiny dressing products on a top. The dressing attracts dust and airborne abrasives. When a dirty top is folded (in the down position) and you are driving, the top squirms as you drive and the dust acts as an abrasive eventually leading to micro fissures in the vinyl which allows moisture/water to gradually rot the top from the inside out.
    - Always put the top up after a drive when it is still warm and flexible rather than the next morning when it is cold and less flexible. Stretching a cold top to close it can also lead to micro fissures at the folds and the top is more likely to rot out prematurely.

    I received this advice from an old college buddy of mine in the top manufacturing business when I bought a new convertible in 1987. Following his advice that original top lasted 11 years even though it spent many nights outside. At that point, the factory thread that held the seams together began to rot and while the topping was still water tight, the distressed look didn't work for me. I replaced the top with a one of his and it lasted for at least 10 more years at which point the car was sold.
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    KBMWRS What did the moron say today?

    And your locale plays a big part in this...Where are you?
  6. 3175375

    3175375 Well-Known Member

    Jeff has sage advice. If the window is plastic- get Plexus. It is the best, hands down. We used it on our Boxster n Alfa Romeo n I worked great.

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