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1969 Mustang race car that I have owned since 1970


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NHRA rules require a brace between the race seat and roll bar. Brian fabricated this for our 1969 Mustang. I will epoxy prime black.



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I decided it was time to get it out of storage and start getting it ready for the 50th Anniversary Cobra Jet Reunion.

The wiring was done over 20 years ago and it's time to upgrade. I bought a Ron Francis race car harness and switch panel. I assembled the switch panel tonight after supper on the kitchen table.



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Awesome car. You are clearly an attention to detail person. Love it. Can’t wait until you get that beast rolling.


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Ron Francis Bare Bonz race car wiring kit.

I mounted the fuse panel on the right kick panel

Switch panel right in front of the shifter on the trans tunnel within easy reach when I have belts tight.



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I have been working on my 1969 Cobra Jet Mustang between customer cars in my spare time getting ready for the 50th Anniversary of the Cobra Jet.

I have had a few questions about my shifter. It is a reverse pattern shifter from Turbo Action for the C4. I don't have the decal on it showing the shift pattern.

I have the wiring finished and everything works

I still have to wire the alternator and my new water pump when the engine is installed.