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1970 Boss 302 Street/Touring Build Blog


I wanted to invite everyone to visit and "Like" or "Follow" our Night Mission Boss 302 pages on Facebook & Instagram.

Our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/NightMissionBoss302

Our Instagram Feed: http://instagram.com/night_mission_boss_302

We post short progress updates more frequently at these two social media outlets. It's a quick and easy "on-the-fly" way of keeping the information flow on the project coming. Please feel free to visit our pages and drop us a comment or two and if you like what you see, please "share" our pages with your friends!



I Don't Care. Do you?
Loving all the effort on the small stuff that goes unseen. It all adds up to the big picture that will be seen being that much better.


Thanks very much Terry! Staying the course on the small stuff is an exercise in patience for sure. Now that the car is starting to look more like a car, it's tough to not want to start flying along out of enthusiasm. But, in the end, I have to talk myself down off the edge to stay focused! Dang it!