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1971 1973 Coupe 302 Mid Length Headers


I have the 73 coupe with 302 V8 with the Hedman Shorties 88400. One issue I have is the connecting ring lays against the Saginaw steering box, thus transferring engine vibrations. Also, according to some research, one looses out on low end torque and exhaust scavenging.

I know that the full length headers can cause ground clearance issues.

Has anybody looked at and or install the mid length headers that are available?

I may go with the Tri-y or another long tube header. The mid length do look like the best of both worlds.

Opinions Please!!
Yours is 4 years too new for me to know for sure, but I don't think you could go wrong with long tube FPAs:
Hello Mach1 Driver, I have emailed them to see what it will cost. I called my local ceramic coating outfit and the spec. the cost out to $350 to coat the headers. Dang, everything cost an arm, leg and boat!

The current hedman shorties I currently have were ceramic coated and they did not last 2 years before rust started to show up. It may be more cost effective to get them already coated.

You will like them. I have had mine since 2009 and they still look new..
Hello, good to hear! After talking to Stan, I was sold ! Since I have the AOD, I was worried about the fit of the standard headers , from normal vendors, that are designed to fit factory OEM equipment!


I Don't Care. Do you?
He sold me on them a couple years ago...I just haven't bought a set yet. Still dragging my sh!t across bumps and railroad tracks...

Dread the whole R&R process laying on my back on that cold concrete. Guy needs a lift! :D