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2004 Cobra convertible with 4.5 miles !!!


Ramrod extraordinaire
My wife and I have been keeping our eyes open for an '04 Cobra convertible in Mysthichrome to buy since we first saw one in fall of 2004. Truly an amazing Mustang and a gorgeous color. It appears this guy has never had the pleasure of enjoying the Mustang he obviously has cherished and cared for since he ordered it. A shame really, now he is selling his pride and joy due to his own health issues. At $45k (or offer) he has is for sale a little than MSRP.


Larry G

So you getting it? Some collector will pick it up. Very nice car for the price but would you want to drive it after all those years of keeping it wrapped up. I agree it is a waste that it hasn't been driven, at all.

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I like those but since the next gen had a more attractive body style I have decided those are irrelevant!

It looks to me this guy bought it as an investment. also his description is just put together bad! I refuse to try to read it, makes me get a headache just trying the first line. It looks like a word search puzzle!



I Don't Care. Do you?
This thread has gotten me to thinking. Dangerous premise.

My 2014 has just a tick over 3000 miles on it. It only comes out of the garage on nice sunny days and it's annual winter hibernation is just around the corner. My Roush was treated the same way. On average it only racked up 3000 miles a year. When I sold that car it was better than new yet the price paid was just a small fraction of the original cost. While I love my cars it sure seems like an obvious waste of money given how they are used.

I need to drive them more, obviously, but I hate to knowingly expose them to damage. Part of that is attributed to living in a part of the country that experiences long cold winters. I refuse to subject my cars to road salt. I do not consider my cars garage queens either. When I do drive them they are pushed to the limit. I broke more than one trans in the Roush thanks to the KB screw and a penchant for power-shifting. What are your thoughts on this subject?


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Drive it but do not abuse it. These current cars will not be like the classics we know. Just wait till all that plastic and computer operations fail with no replacement. The 08 GT vert I bought had 17,000 miles from 08-13....one owner. That is less than 300 miles a month in Fl. with a convertible. After I bought it, I asked the seller if they really enjoyed it. His wife's comment was she never got to go anywhere in it....he said it was fun to have but wished he had driven it more.