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2007 4.0 V6 died

No throwing in the towel. We don't allow that here and you certainly are not the type. The solution cannot be that complicated just hidden at the moment. You verified the clutch switch but didn't mention if there is a gear position sensor involved as well. The old T5's had a neutral switch that prevented starting. Outside of that I would lean into something in the security system.

Did you try key and jumping the starter to see if it would try to run? I'm wondering if the issue exists only in the starting circuit and you could verify it this way.
Too many things can prevent from starting the engine. You need a OBD scanner.
IIRC you pulled the entire electrical system from 12 to the 07. So the problem can't be that difficult.
It did run before . Transponder at the key ??
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thanks guys, yeah it turned out to be an easy fix. I was just super frustrated. It was very challenging to figure out and I learned a lot about modern electronics! I started tracing what circuits worked and what didn't. The PCM was unaware of any issue. I used FORscan thru the OBD2 port, that's fun (not). A bit over my head but I did start to get the hang of it after a while and could diagnose some things. There was no PATS (passive anti-theft system) or transponder/key issues. no sensor on trans or shifter. Some Mustangs have a switch that prevents it from starting with the hood open. This one does not as a base model and I was able to confirm that wasn't a factor with the FORscan. I could see that the throttle (fly by wire) was responding, most other sensors were getting signals, etc. The start related info and signals did not change or respond in FORscan but no help in figuring out why. As Pat says there are lots of modules and sensors, and this is just a 2012. My son's 2020 would be a nightmare!
I did jump the starter with key on and it wouldn't start/run. I tried to jumper the starter at the relay in the BEC. It would work if jumped at the solenoid but jumping across #30 in the BEC at the relay (always hot) to #87 which would be the lead to the solenoid, I got nothing. So I began to look at all the connectors. The ignition switch was triggering a signal to the PCM in start position. Long story short:p, one of the connectors for the engine harness which included the lead to the starter solenoid, was soaked in antifreeze. Probably from when I pulled the engine from the 12 and it pissed all over as i tilted it. Anyway, my guess is the antifreeze acted as an insulator? Maybe preventing several or all of those contacts to not make a good connection... Anyway, I sprayed electrical cleaner like a solvent in there and then used air compressor to get it dried out. Well it started! So today I was finally able to take it for a test drive! So I have a 200712 Mustang! A 07 shell with 12 guts! Thanks again for the support guys!
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Nice work. I knew you'd figure it out.


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Sounds it pulls very strong through the gears. That strong that the windshields cracked !! :p
Good job !
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Well I have driven it twice to Atlanta and a bunch around Kentucky. I got Safelite to replace the windshield. I am very happy with the car. It's a much better car than before. I've hit 27 mpg on the highway doing 80-ish and it's still got a bunch more spunk than the 4.0 auto combo which would do good to get 20mpg. Anyway, it's like having a new(er) car! The 12 seats are also a lot more comfortable for road trips. I can't wait to get it on some really twisty roads!
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