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2021 StangFix White Elephant Exchange


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I found a fiendishly devilish white elephant gift for my local Mustang club. I won't be participating in the Stangfix exchange, though. If you want to know what I got (it's available from Amazon), PM me.


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Everyone check your inboxes. Names have been drawn randomly (in most cases). I am still waiting for a couple addresses from the new players.

Let the games begin!


Welcome truth back
Mine is on its way.
Of course I don't have any crap laying around to send so.....


Corn Hauler
Bummer, I missed this year, been dealing with my dad and have not been on much. O'well, my jumk will just grow untill next year.


Always on vacation!
Also whoever got me I'm leaving Friday so if it arrives after that I won't get it. I'll be back the Monday after Christmas.


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Mine went out yesterday! Enjoy some useless and not so useless stuff!
I realized I didn't put BLU67 on the box. But I did draw the ass end of an elephant so that should give it away......:cool:


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Noticing some delays due to the weather. Mine went to KY, so there's bound to be some delay....

Fst Blk

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I’m hoping to get mine in the mail Saturday morning. Been out of town…

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