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34 years ago.


Always on vacation!
We've been very busy working on the house. It is listed for sale and all the little detail things I've been avoiding must now get done.

So last night I took Amber to see a Roger's and Hammerstein play, Cinderella at Tuachan. This was to celebrate our marriage of 34 years.

I got to thinking that on Friday 34 years ago I was single.

Well, today up late and need to spend time on cleaning the garage. Hardly close to what I was doing 34 years ago. I was on a plane to Mexico City.


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Congrats on the anniversary.

Jen and I will be celebrating 19 years next month. Last year I spent our anniversary with Craig on the power tour. Jen was at home. I guess I'll have to make that up this year.

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The NorCal dude from Belgium
Congratz Mel on your wedding anniversary !!!! 34 years and counting.
A number to be proud of it.
For me and my wife , 30 years this year .


Burning Fossil Fuels at c2
Congrats or condolences...whichever fits the bill Mel :D

When our next anniversary rolls around, it'll be 30. Can't believe she's put up with my nonsense so long.


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Like Mark said "Congrats or condolences...whichever fits the bill Mel :D"

Congrats on the 34 years and condolences on moving back to Kalifornia.



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Congrats Mel it's a milestone that many don't get the opportunity to see nowadays.

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A buddy of mine celebrated his 30th wedding anniversary yesterday on Memorial Day. My wife and I just had our 32nd, I told him we are veterans of a different kind of war, we've also seen lots of stuff we cant talk about...lol.