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65-66 Rdot outer wheel house


I ordered an outer wheel house from a reputable mustang shop that does award winning restorations. I asked if they sold the brand they installed, they said yes.

It came today and it is an Rdot brand, but it was in a Spectra box.

Now, maybe this thing is good, but every other part I've gotten from Rdot has ended up in the corner of the garage while I ended up actually installing a Dynacorn or Spectra part.

Anyone actually install an Rdot outer? How did it fit?
I used only the front and rear lower portions of it, neither of which fit well. No other repro parts I've got yet have, either, so...


I'll have to look and see what is on the sticker of my new inners and outers. I do know that they have the same name on them. About a week ago, I held the LH inner and outer up to each other and they suck already. They don't mate up where I believe they are supposed to. It looks like the front of the outer is going to need tweaked, but I'll see when it comes time for that.