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WANTED 67 68 Fastback quarter trim molding

Bandit Racing

New Member
From this forum I got an email tip on where to get the trim I needed. It was a scam and now I am out the agreed price. Anyone seeing anything from a Matio Williams at matiowilliams012@gmail .com had better watch out.


Well-Known Member
Ouch sorry to hear that. I have not heard that name before on here but certainly appreciate the head’s up!


I Don't Care. Do you?
That sucks. I know this doesn't help you this time but if anyone should read this, a bit of advice. It's really easy to see which guys here have been around a while which should indicate some level of trustworthiness. If someone has little to no post history at minimum consider them an "unknown" and proceed with caution. You could also post up concerns about someone and see if any of us have experience with them. I wouldn't worry about offending anyone by asking if they are legit. Legit people have nothing to hide and shouldn't take offense at a stranger looking for some sense of security. Again, sorry you got scammed.