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Buying a grill but can't figure on the size I want


42 x 30

Open pit type design with use of hardwood, charcoal or lump. I usually run out of room on my weber thus the reason for the second one. Jdfabrications is making it for me and the price is within 100 of each other.

Any thought from the group?
I'm with Pete. You can always use only part of it for small jobs, but you can never predict how much you will need for a family get together!

I have a small charcoal grill for camping and a pretty good size gas grill for home as well as a 30" electric smoker. You would be surprised at how small the 4 burner can get when we just have four of us.


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Will there be a way to divide the fire box so you can only use 1/2 of it? the Primo Oval XL is this way so for smaller cooks, you can only load charcoal in 1/2 of the firebox.
IMHO I would opt for the 42" x 30" grill. That will give you room to do large items like whole turkey or cook for a small crowd. Nothing like doing steaks for 20 or so people and the grill is too small so you cook in shifts. I have a large "Char Broil" which is pit type with lid for smoking or roasted. I can cook on one end with a small fire. When I do steaks I try to have a hot end and a cooler end. I sear them on the hot end and move them towards the cooler end as they finish. Particularly if I want to serve them all at once with rare to well done. When I smoke I keep the fire at one end and vent to the other end where the meat is. Hope this helps.

See attached photos (hopefully)10574408_10203389653314515_4050354576976848311_n.jpg 10456015_10203389653274514_4386786920484493505_n.jpg
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if you're stuck o the grills your freind is making, I'd buy the 42 X 30 also. Otherwise, pay the piper and get a Primo Oval XL.
Here's a picture of the Primo XL. It is the last BBQ I have purchased.


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Going with a 36x30. It's 2x bigger than my weber genesis and will be in the backyard firepit build I'm doing next spring.
Sorry it has been a while. Kids take so much of my time these days but I've got time now to devote to this grill. I'm building one. 36x24 3/16" mixture of old meets new.

Old west and blacksmith stuff added. It's called Grumpy D's BBQ. Granite side cutting boards, Large old International Harvester Corn pulley wheels to raise and lower it 25", and have 36" hotdog/marshmallow sticks being made currently. I hope to get the first round completed by the end of the month with pics. Stealing some of these ideas too. Adding a 36" wide firepit and pourings a large circular patio stamped and stained.

This link will be similar to mine:
  1. Heres where it stands now. Hot dog and marshmallow stick are on the front along with the fire poker. Chicken holders on the bar. The wheel raises/lowers it. I'd put it on but the bar is slightly larger and I need to gring it down first. The pieces are for a towel handle, paper towel holder and tool holder.


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Isn't that thing supposed to be outside so that the smoke doesn't mess up the ceilings and walls?