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Some people take the week before for spring break vacation, others take the week after. I would hope we could do ok on rates for the dates you chose, only way to know is to call the hotel and find out.


Always on vacation!
The rates in that area are horrible except for one week sometime in late October, early November.


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FWIW, I'm more solidly in now. I think my wife wants to be rid of me for a couple days, lol. I just need to get some new front tires before then.

I most likely wouldn't be staying at the Kon Tiki Inn as I have family in the area, but would be in for any other activities.

FYI, I just checked both IHG and Marriott apps and found:
A) Easter weekend is actually slightly cheaper
B) The following two weekends are about the same rate, being slightly higher than Easter weekend.
I would expect the Kon Tiki rates to mirror other local rate changes, as all of the hotels have pretty much perfect visibility on rates thanks to the internet.
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What did the moron say today?
Well I'm sure no one will be voting for Easter weekend so lets stick with the dates I noted.