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Cleaning out the "Shop"


I Don't Care. Do you?
Parts for the F1 project are rolling in quickly and stuff is starting to pile up on the floor as my shelves are already full. So its time for an automotive garage sale! If you at all pay attention you'll know I tend to buy stuff and end up never using it as my plans always change. The result is I have lots of brand new parts that need good homes. Going to start just listing stuff as I come across it here. Will add more detail and pics as things in the garage progress. "Fixers" get first dibs on everything but I will be listing much of this in the coming days on Craigslist, E-Bay and other outlets. If you see something you want shoot me a PM with any questions and/or an offer(s).

Ford E303 roller cam (used but in great condition)

Ram 10.5" Clutch Set p/n 88794HD good up to 450 h.p. (bolted on and spun during an engine break-in but never left the garage)

157 tooth billet steel flywheel (has removable 28 oz weight on it now) run same as the clutch for an engine break-in and that's it

Cast 331 crankshaft (might want to have the journals re-polished but in good shape)

Steel SBF main girdle w/ windage tray and ARP main studs (used but hey, its not like it wears out!)

Full set of ARP 7/16 screw in rocker studs (have about an hour run time on them for an engine break-in)

R&M Specialties billet polished and black spark plug wire loom (p/n 1105-90-P) for SBF

Pair of chrome bullet side mirrors for 65/66 mustang. New. I should have mounting pads and ss screws to go with them as well around here.

Red '66 standard door panels, arm rest bases and pads. All brand new (bought from NPD)

65/66 pedal support

65/66 Scott Drake hood latch pin (new in packaging)

65/66 Scott Drake Red Pony Door Handle Cups and Inserts 1 pair (new in packaging)


Terry, I'm building a 289 for a vintage racer and I am looking for a clutch. I have the Centerforce 900232 flywheel. If this clutch will work with my combination, I am interested in the clutch.


Edit: Research shows that's a 1986-2000 application...so no go for me.
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I Don't Care. Do you?
Clutch and flywheel are SOLD. Hit me up with any interest in any of the other stuff. Going to go EBay/Craigslist route soon.