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Colour time....


Active Member
OK, Johnny I'll send them to you as soon as I get back to town, We are at the hospital with Shelby right now trying our last type of a new treatment for her.

Johnny M

Active Member
I've had a good look at all the different SS stripes out there and i think i am actually going to go with a 3,1,10,1,3 pattern.....

Here is a little mock up which gives you the idea.



I think this is what Jason did on this car and i like it.

P.S car is getting sprayed on Thrusday. The guys are doing a wet sand with P1000 then she will be ready.

It looks like its going to be a busy christmas for me.
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Johnny M

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Here's a sneak peak.....


I'll put a bunch of pics up on my build thread.
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