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Coming up on a major milestone


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Sometime within the next 5-6 weeks, I will have refurbished 100 harnesses to my customers. I am now at 96 with one due in this weekend. I've been at this since July, 2008, a bit under 3 years. I have well over 150 harnesses in stock, but most of them are only candidates for cannibalization.

Some interesting statistics. The number of harnesses per year/model:
64.5: 5
65 Falcon: 8
65 GT: 6
66: 13
67: 14
68: 11
69: 25
70: 14
71: 0
72: 0
73: 0
Roughly 25% of the harnesses refurbished and sold have been converted from standard to tach configuration, which can only be done for 67-73 model years.

Surprisingly, 1969 is the most popular year for refurbishment; 71-73 has almost no interest despite no reproductions being available.