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Cruise the Peninsula tomorrow - South Bay locals pay attention!!


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Ronnie and Mike have put together a new route for this week's cruise. Essentially start in the Cambrian Park area of San Jose; head up to highway 84 (Woodside), 84 to 35 (Skyline); 35 to 9 (Big Basin Way in Saratoga)

Here are the details:

Please Help Spread The Word

Here is the
WCK SAFE Car Cruise Route for
Sat May 16th 2020

5th WCK SAFE Car Cruise 5-16-20

Arrive between 9:00/9:30
1. Meet at Cambrian Park Plaza, Camden and Union
Park behind Cambrian Bowl- Near Goodwill Drop off
2. Leaving at 9:30
3. Exit out on Union at stoplight at Woodard Turn Left
4. Turn right on Hwy 85 North
5. Keep right-merge on Hwy 280 North
6. Exit at Woodside rd./ Hwy 84
7. Turn left, heading west
8. NOTE: Meet at Park and Ride, if you don’t meet in San Jose
9. Stay on 84
10. Left on Skyline Blvd
11. Left on Hwy 9 to Saratoga Village
12. Stop on Right at Sacred Heart Catholic Church parking lot, If you want to wish Cam Alameda, A Happy 11th Birthday. He will be standing out by his parents car so when you drive by you can wish him a Happy 11th Birthday and feel free to give him a Birthday Card or Gift if you’d like . Cam is always at My Morning Get Together helping me out . He’s a great lil guy
13. Total Miles is about 67
14. Cruise ends, stay SAFE and HEALTHY
See you next week May 23, for #6 WCK SAFE Car Cruise Route TBD
Thank You
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What did the moron say today?
Dana was there with his Boss302...and a few others. Cruised up in the Santa Cruz Mtns to Alice's Restaurant. Popular place to be seen with your latest bike, car,motorcycle.