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Don't Trust Google Searches


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I found some unwanted files on my website and deleted them. Unfortunately, these were files that the Google Search crawlers found when finding the site, and are embedded in the links you see when you click on a Google Search item. Now that the files Google was expecting are gone, the linky no worky. I've gotten a few e-mails from folks who say the website is down, but it isn't. If you cut and past the resulting link into a new tab, the site comes up just fine. I've tried everything on Google Webmaster Tools to get the search feature corrected without success. Grrr.

I created a new site, http://midlifeharness.com to replicate the old site: http://midlife66.com/harnesses . Both sites are identical. Google searches are beginning to show the new site, so that's good.

So...the lesson to be learned is that the links seen on Google Search are not quite what they appear to be: they include a lot of directional linkages and crawler information that may or may not be valid. Caveat emptor...
Yes, Pete, that what was coming up. I didn't see that, though, from a direct link not going through Google.
Update: I uploaded a file that a friend created with the name that Google Search was looking for, and now (at least) you get a page that provides the link to the right page. Google Webmaster Tools seems to be happy as well...
You can't teach old dogs new html tricks. Hey! It works, don't it?
Ha ha ha

Probably keeps the html code on a floppy disc too!

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I found a photo of his disc which contained his website code:


8 incher baby!!!
kidding aside, do you buy wiring harnesses to have in inventory?
I know people who are parting out or scrapping old Fords all the time, for example I have a '66 Mustang that has had the top crushed, it will never be more than parts. But the wiring harness is good.
The other day I went and looked at 3 falcons that are most likely going to get crushed later this year ('61 2dr, '63 4dr, '63 4dr wagon) I am going to be pilfering some other parts and could grab these as well.

just thoughts.
I think he pays $500 per used harness!

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You wish! More like $50 per underdash harness. There's not a large demand for pre-64 Ford products however.
BTW, the problem with the original website has now been resolved, thanks to a colleague at work. Woohoo!