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EFI Kits.


Corn Hauler
I said last year before the Power Tour that I had rebuilt my last carburetor, I'm tiered of Ethanol ruining the seals.

Time to decide what kit to purchase. I will need one for the 302 that is in my wife's 59 F-100 and one for the 351 in my 68 Coupe. Most likely I will be having a shop do the install (Julie bone cancer is taking all my time now). My plan in to have Julie's truck done after her bone marrow transfusion so she can enjoy it.

I do not want to cheap out on this.

After reading a few threads, I think I want to go with a true EFI, not the carburetor looking systems.

Who in ya'll opinion has the best most complete kit?


Well-Known Member
You can always source the parts to match the late 80’s early 90’s Ford SEFI system. Reliable and easy to find parts. It does require the upper and lower efi manifolds that some people don’t like the looks of it but it works well. There are a couple of great wiring harnesses on the market that make it nearly plug and play. I dealt with a company called ProM for the computer, injectors, sensors, etc.