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Fabulous Fords Forever 2021- First Call


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Fabulous Fords Forever 2021, Sunday, June 13th - Who’s in????

As many already know, the former “Knott’s” show has been resuscitated and has relocated to Irwindale Raceway for this, the 35th annual event. In keeping with tradition, I am trying to assemble a weekend of Mustang activities and I am reaching out to all who might be interested in attending to step up to the plate NOW to confirm your interest before I invest time and effort in organizing the details.

We ARE going and hope to put together a weekend similar to the old Knott’s event that is an enjoyable experience for all. For those not familiar with this show, it is a one day event open to all Ford and Ford powered vehicles. Historically turn out has been north of 1600 cars though with the change in venue and the lost COVID year, I have no way of knowing what sort of turnout this year will bring. As it has been an integral part of the Mustang hobby for Californians and some of our road warrior friends from out of state, I encourage you all to make room on your calendars for this year’s event.

Recapping past Knott’s weekends, those of us in NorCal caravan down, gather for a group dinner with our SoCal and out of state Mustang friends and return to the Hotel to socialize until lights out. Saturday, typically is a free choice day with a group dinner at a local restaurant and more socializing at the Hotel until lights out. (If memory serves, the Saturday dinner has had as many as 40 people attending.) Sunday is the show and at the end of the day, those who are not packing it in get together for a farewell group dinner at a local restaurant leaving for home sometime Monday.

Details will follow if there is enough interest.

For now, the event web site with on line registration can be found at:

Rather than the Marriott in Monrovia suggested by the event organizers, we have booked a room a few miles away from the show venue at the Courtyard Marriott in Pasadena’s Historic District that has secure parking as that is usually a concern for this crowd. This Hotel has a guarded parking structure for our cars and a couple of on-site spots for trailers. The Hotel site can be found at:


Being centrally located in the Historic District, there are dozens of restaurants within 3 to 5 blocks of the Hotel so we should be able to avoid starvation!

Before I can make a planning effort in earnest, I need to know how many of you will be joining in for this year’s event. So clear your calendars and let me know who is coming. So far I have 4 “Yes” and 2 “Maybe” responses. I need your responses by May 8th.


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Sorry Jeff. As I stated before I'll be on the road. Retirement its a biiitch...:mad::p
Nah my son is getting married in June in Wisconsin. The we hightail it back to get the house belongings moved out...then the remodel.


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Hi Jeff, I will be a last-minute decision. I'll let u know if I'm going. Thanks,


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Confirming our earlier correspondence, the response to this thread has been underwhelming. If anyone is going, you are on your own.


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So sad. The FFF weekend was my favorite time of the year. With my dad gone and no longer at KBF the fun has gone out of it for me. Hoping that someone will post some pictures. I am interested in the attendance. 1000 cars I thought the FFF faceybook page said. Just want to see what the volume of spectators are.



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Confirming our earlier correspondence, the response to this thread has been underwhelming. If anyone is going, you are on your own.
I replied to your email, you must not have gotten it. I decided to cancel my room and save the money. No sense in going just for the show.