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FORSALE Ford 410 C.I. Cleveland, complete engine in Topeka, KS


Burning Fossil Fuels at c2
Just came back from Topeka, KS and a friend has a new, unused 410C.I. for sale.
Jerry builds race cars and does some really awesome work! While there, I got to see an old Comet that they are building for a customer. Full tube frame/cage. Really a thing of beauty to look at!! Jerry also drove his 70 Boss 302 clone that day. Another sweet car! He also, just machined my intake manifold while I was there!

Anyway, we were talking and he told me a little about this engine and he'd like to sell it. I thought I'd post it up here to help him out.

He's asking $6,500 for the engine as pictured. An MSD 6AL box and an aftermarket shaker assembly go with it as well. All for $6,500.

He did say the engine runs on 91 octane. Any questions about this engine, call Jerry direct. I have nothing to gain from the sale and no answers to any questions!

His contact info is:
Jerry Taliaferro Race Cars
5610 South Topeka Blvd. Suite C
Topeka, KS 66609


00001.jpg 00001.jpg 00001.jpg 00001.jpg


Ramrod extraordinaire
12:1 on 91 octane? Really?
I do have an extra engine stand in the garage. Hmmm....
Terry, I briefly considered installing a 351C in my coupe but abandoned the idea when I discovered how few speed parts there are available compared to the 351W. And I wasn't sure I could get it into the chassis without cutting the shock towers.