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Fuse box....repair or go to blade?


Welcome truth back
So my interior lights won't go on. Its the clip for the fuse. Its loose.
So should I get a fuse box repair kit?


Switch to a blade fuse box? If so, how hard its it to switch over. Just connect the wires as needed? I'm not about to go crazy and change out my harness or move said box to a new location requiring longer wires.

Suggestions / help needed.

I am not familiar with the repair kits, but it has to be much easier than changing out the entire fuse box. I would not want to cut and splice every wire that goes to the box. One, it would be quite a chore to do under the dash and two, you really don’t want that many splices. They would just cause problems down the line. If you are not replacing the harness, just repair the fuse holder.
Yeah I figured as much. It was one of those 'while I'm at it' things where if I'm pulling out the box why not change it but I'm sure it would just create more problems.
Warning: the replacement clips sold at catalog stores are very brittle and difficult to work with. Replacing a clip is difficult enough on a workbench, let alone in the car. If it is one of the ACC or BAT clips, triple or double the effort, respectively. This is about the worst job for me to tackle. Changing over to blades means at least 10 splices.

I can provide you the proper clip at a very nominal price with a wire pigtail if you PM me with what clip it is and what year you're dealing with.
Just wrap the fuse in a few layers of foil to make it wedge in there better and forget about it. Guys have been doing that for years. Easy fix

#4 is my problem
Pic 90degrees to the left....#4 is upper right on the box...'67 FB
OH I thought you thought of something that was obvious and of course I wouldn't see obvious. all good.;)
OK.... a simple wise man who goes around and plays with other's shorts suggested a simple fix. And it worked.

Took the fuse out. Bent the clip to be tighter. Done. Works.

I was way over thinking it. Try the simple solution first.:rolleyes:
Black book is getting full of check marks as of today...Santa definitely contacts me prior to Xmas each year.
Black book is getting full of check marks as of today...Santa definitely contacts me prior to Xmas each year.
Tell him to give me a yodel. I have been working in a Coal mine and brought home enough "presents" to last decades.