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How important is a Monte Carlo bar?


I Don't Care. Do you?
It's called style, gentlemen. And I'll have you know Ford DID paint some engines red through the course of time. Along with green and grey and black and a host of other accessory colors.


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A MC bar is meant to keep the inner fender from flexing inward is response to extreme forces created in hard cornering. As in racing. With a very good suspension which is able to "stick" the tire to the pavement. Very few street cars will have a set-up and components that do this well enough to require one. Let alone being driven to that extent. They are a racing component that many find cosmetically appealing for their cars. Personally, I think they just get in the way and distract from the view of a beautiful engine! Insert gratuitous pic of my engine bay...

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Wow, that looks awesome. Does it run? I mean, it looks so clean there is no way you drive it right? ;)


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Yep, late 50's stuff was red. And it looked GOOD!
Agreed... I painted my 5.0/331 red as well. Every model engine I painted as a kid was red too. Not chevy orange... there is a difference. Heck we even painted my son's Chevy 396 the same Classic Ford Red.