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Hows earthquake-land?


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It shook pretty good up here in Modesto and I am hundreds of miles away. The good news is there is not a huge population nor lots of buildings in Ridgecrest. Pretty tough for those folks. Lots without power and it’s hot out there!


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Staff member
Again I felt nothing. My daughter was texting me if I felt it, she was at work about 20 miles west.
One of the grocery stores we service is located in Ridgecrest and we got a request after the first shaker. We have been closed over the 4th holiday weekend, someone will go up there on Monday.



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Didn't feel it up here in the Bay Area. Of course with every large quake the usual "news" about the next Big One in NorCal includes doom and gloom centered on the Hayward and Calaveras Faults. Unfortunately both of those faults are in heavily populated areas and something like the Loma Prieta quake (from 1989) on the Hayward or Calaveras Faults may be catastrophic in terms of loss of life and major disruption (transportation, utilities, hospitals) on a large scale.

A number of years ago a structural engineer friend of mine was consulted on a seismic reinforcement of Memorial Stadium in Berkeley (The Hayward Fault cuts through the middle of the Stadium). His comment to me was if I was planning to go catch a football game there I should contact him before buying tickets to learn where NOT to sit. Funny but not !o_O