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I found an interesting site that has American muscle cars for sale


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A 66 Mustang C-code Coupe for $39k? I think I'll pass due to the high prices.


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There's some nice cars on the, but wow they are pricey. Too rich for me.

This lemans is sharp, but $110,000.

Love this line in the ad. Very descriptive. Lol

The Chrylser Inca Gold Paint lays flat like a calm pond & the clear coat shine is electrifying.

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Just another broker site. The prices asked on those cars is ridiculous.

First mustang page has two 65/66 fastbacks listed at $70 and $85k. Neither has anything great about them although the black one's paint does look good. It has a stock type interior with a 302 and a 3 speed auto (C4 likely). Stock suspension with a cheap traction bar set-up. No frame connectors. Cheap disc brakes all around. Looks like a Borgeson box for power steering. That kind of car goes for about half the asking price. It's clean and all but nothing special anywhere about it.
The purple one for $70k has even less going for it although it looks like it has a decent set of frame connectors, the type that mimic the stock rails. The engine and associated bits leave a lot to be desired even in a $30k car. Cheap electric fuel pump just hanging out back, battery cable horribly routed and running bare under the floor. What looks to be an old school dual point dizzy.

Not bashing the cars just the stupid asking prices. Or maybe I'm out of touch. Hope so. My car should fetch an easy six figures if these prices are reasonable.


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Yeah . . . I was browsing the 'Cudas this afternoon and the '70 440 Six pack w/ auto coupe was supposedly restored but it had a number of after market pieces on it and some incorrect finishes. Not a 'top car' in mind opinion. There was a '70 hemi 'Cuda that had CALL in the price slot. It had 74k miles and was unrestored. There was a LOT of patina and small scratches and dings. I buy it, leave it as is and drive it. I will take a stab and say they think its a $250k car. Nope. More in the $150-175k range. It wasnt messed with or restored so it looked correct, just 50 years old.