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Life's Curve Balls


Corn Hauler
Seems to be a lot of this going aroound here lately.

A couple weeks ago, my 87 year old Dad had another heart attack. This one has started a downward spiral. He can barely walk now and needs lots of help getting around. Julie and and I are tag teaming out time at the farm to help mom with dad. Hopefully we will get all the hospice issues worked out soon.

A lot has already been worked out but still a lot to go.

On the non stressful side, I was able to mount my Valance Shelf in the maintenance barn while dad was sleeping the other night.


Well-Known Member
Sorry to hear that. Hopefully he can recover ok.

Well keep you in our prayers.

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Corn Hauler
Thanks. Julie is at the farm until Friday. Mom is exhausted. I think it going to take a good moth to make a routine that works out.

Someone suggested to me to get a bunch of ring cameras.

We put up 7 handrails Sunday but think I need at least a dozen more.


Well-Known Member
Sorry to hear, John. It may take a while but hopefully he can recover from this too.


Always on vacation!
Sorry to hear that. The ravages of time.

We are here for you, even if just support from afar.


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Corn Hauler
time to go over all the finances to see how much more care we can get. You can't break the bank when the other parent still needs to live.