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Lincoln Aviator 4.6 swap into 99GT


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I have painted a lot of the junk that came with the Modular Ford and I think it all looks pretty good. I am hoping that when I pop the hood it will get some lookers because the car isn't the prettiest!

A funny story comes to mind from the 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour. My dad and I were leaving a venue, he in his '67 and me in my '99, and there was a dedicated lane to go for when you leave. Along this path was an army of people watching but also this guy who must have worked for Hot Rod with a giant camera like in the movies. He had this thing on a stabilizer strapped to his shoulders and captured my dad leaving with cinematic-like quality, and I was so excited to have the lens pointed at me next as I was right behind him. Nope! As soon as dad got past the camera man, he put his camera away! Yeah, sure I guess I don't want my car on TV! Thanks anyway!

While I am waiting on that head to come back, I have been working on school stuff too. I am taking a CAD class and recently completed my curio cabinet project. That was a PITA. I also took a drive down to the Tail of the Dragon with a friend of mine in his BMW! I got to drive the way back on the tail, it is an amazing road and the posted speed limits are for real: those are too tight to even consider going above 30mph! I found my picture online too.


I recently honed out the block and it looks great now for my first try. We also checked my ring gap on one of the cylinders and it is exactly where I need it to be, but I will investigate further when it comes time to put the pistons in for real. I wanted to plastigage my mains and rods today but ran out of time before work, and won't have another chance until Monday. No big deal, just getting anxious! I have been without a clutch pedal and a V8 for almost 5 months. Suffering from withdraws...

Anyway, here are some pics!







This thing is finally coming together. Yes, this is also the part where I find out everything I did wrong along the way. Hope it isn't gonna be too expensive. RIP wallet!


Resident Late Model Gearhead
That's going to be a good looking motor. I can't wait to watch the install. It is a tight fit! I'm having to pull the valve covers on the boy's 2003 Mach to fix blown spark plug holes. Not looking forward to that job! Hopefully the heads on your motor have better threads!!!
If I recall correctly, the 05 Aviator had an updated version of the DOHC heads that had more threads on the spark plug holes than the 03/04 Machs and Cobras which is I think why I chose it but that was so long ago, I don't remember. When I get my head back from the shop, I will take a look! Good luck with your repair! Any pics of your Mach?


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the motor is going together but as usual there is always something. The machine shop pointed out the some of the lifters (lash adjusters) are stuck. We soaked a bunch in kerosene and squeezed them in the vise between two blocks of wood. They are still sticky. So I decided to take one apart. They had crud inside and possibly some remains of the timing chain debris. So he is going to replace all 32 just to be safe.


Resident Late Model Gearhead
I am going to be buying a new alternator, a new coolant crossover, and new fuel rails as well as painting a few pulleys and the oil pan. I'm beginning to wonder if this thing has an infinite amount of parts!


Resident Late Model Gearhead

My lifters came in, nothing super exciting in and of itsself but it allowed me to begin assembly of the heads. The lifters went in no problem and by the book, and I had the heads on the block in no time.

When it came to timing it, I was really nervous. Contrary to standard methods, I installed the heads without the roller cam followers which meant that the valves were fully closed regardless of cam/piston position. From here, I attached the chains according to the timing marks on the crank and cam gears. Thankfully, my brand new Cloyes set had all of this and was packaged really well. Thanks to my Dad for recommending them! The tensioners were installed and everything was a snap, timing the heads to the cams was a load off my shoulders.

Next step was to install the cam followers. My method was to slide the end of the cam follower onto the valve underneath the cam lobe when it was at its highest point, which means that the valve would be 100% closed. Then I would use a flat head screwdriver to get the other side onto the lifter. It actually worked, and I had to do it 32 times! The motor spins and generates compression (which is hard to make with a ratchet!) so I believe everything went well inside the block.

I have been working and doing class stuff this past week unfortunately so no progress beyond that. I will be home the next few days and I am hoping to get a lot done, but I remain doubtful that I will be driving my car soon. My alternator and EGR block off plate are in the mail, and I got my fuel rail on Friday so I am getting closer.

I will probably be custom making my alternator bracket. Ford wants $80 for it, but it looks super simple to make, and I really want to put my engineering degree-in-process to work.

I still need to buy coolant, and I broke a nipple off of the expansion tank so I will be buying one of those too. A new Ford thermostat will be joining in while I am in there, and I will be drilling a few holes in it. I will detail that when I get it!

Oh! Flywheel came back from the shop too. Once I get my seals onto my crank, I will be bolting the covers on and putting it on the engine hoist so I can get the flywheel and clutch pack on. I am still trying to decide if I want to install with trans attached or not, but that will come later.

And we haven't even started trying to plug everything in yet.

Have some pics





Resident Late Model Gearhead
Today was the first day that my car met my engine. It was love at first sight.

My 1999 Mustang GT, originally a SOHC 4.6, is about to become something more; an SVT GT.




It didn't fit without its hardships, though. Going in with only one header was a comrpmise, both headers wont fit together due to the steering system, and I could not mount my transmission if they were both attached. Well, even with one header on, we were still running into clearance issues.

The driver side header keeps getting stuck on everything. Steering shaft, K member, studs, the block, everything. It's really frustrating.



While any engine install can come with its burdens, this one comes with reward. This gigantic 4 cam V8 fits, and it brings back those feelings akin to the Boss 429 seeing it under the hood. This engine is enormous. Its a miracle it even fit, despite being a factory option in SVT cars since 1997.



More work to be done!