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Looking at a 76 stingray.....................


New Member
for a quick flip. Anybody have any ideas on a quick sale value of one of these? Good to excellent condition with new motor 12,000 miles ago with t-tops. I can probably pick it up for under 4500, (local auction site) but am wondering if people still collect these and what the market is doing.

Any ideas?


Owner of Invisible Mustang
A friend of mine has a 76 project. Although I can't help you with the value, he said the the front/rear plastic bumpers are very very brittle and break/crack very easily. His rear bumper has a 3" x 3" hole right in the middle. Don't know about repo parts.


Active Member
I think you would have a tough time flipping it for a decent return. Just looking at them on ebay shows that they don't bring much money at all. Not to mention 1976 is probably the least desirable year, only offering 180HP and 210HP 350s. Only 12% made had the 210HP 350. Personally, I wouldn't bother unless you feel confident you could turn it for a quick profit.