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Modified 1968 Coupe


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I have been using a board to hold up the deck lid after searching I found these struts from Mustangs Unlimited

My intake was cracked while I was replacing it I found a good place for the AC valve

New intake

Next problem I had was none of the brackets for the alternator would work so we had to cut and modify the first one to fit. Sorry no photo

I bought stainless steel transmission cooler lines for the AOD but they didn't fit so I made my own

I ordered a set of Vintage LEDs taillights



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I hooked up the battery in the trunk (I still need to hook up the ground cable to the engine) to see what works. The Ron Francis trunk mounted battery kit has two ground gables one small short one that I have going to the body and a large long one that they want mounted to a bell housing bolt. So far the AC 3 blower speeds work, taillights, turn signals, and headlights.

I have a problem with the lights in the dash flashing when the key is off and the steering column harness is hooked up.



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I installed the battery ground cable from the trunk mounted battery to the engine block and cured most of my electrical problems.

Vintage LED turn signals are working

Headlights and turn signals are working