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My 650 mls trip


The NorCal dude from Belgium
Having a 67 convertible for 20 years now , the car isn't finished due to the fact it exsist out of two cars and isn't structual sound.
2 years back , I bought a 67 fastback in Germany with major structual damage in the front right.I bought it cause I think it would be a good investment later on.
With both cars in my mind , i always looking for parts cheap.
A week ago I came across an add from a guy in Germany who was selling alot a 67-68 body parts. It looked good except it was a bit far away from my place. About 325 mls.
Nevertheless , this friday at 18:30 , I drove off to the northern of Germany. I arrived at 01:00 at his town . I parked the van , got in the back of it , and tried to get some sleep .
Yesterday morning at 8:30 I stood at his driveway. Friendly guy who works on classic cars for a living .
Being a saturday , I didn't want spent too much time at his place cause in the weekend , The Autobahn is a busy place !!! Alot of traffic jams and occasionally accidents. Its not rare cars are passing by at speeds over 130 mls/hr. I drove my van at a steady speed of approx 80 mls/hr.
Yes i know !!! Here are the pics !!



The NorCal dude from Belgium
Yeh , I got a very good deal cause the cost of parts overhere are double the price as in the states !!!