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My New-to-me 2008


Active Member
Just picked this up last week.

2008 Torch Red GT
HotRod Cams
Steeda CAI with Steeda 93 octane tune
3.73 gears
Drilled Slotted rotors and performance pads.

TruFiber Cowl Hood
18" Steeda Rims (so the center cap says, but I can't find that exact rim on Steeda's website)
Smoked sequential tail-lights.

The '66 is still in the garage waiting for me to have time for it. Gonna try to force myself out there regardless of all the other stuff going on around here.

Just thought I'd share.


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Hey Steve, good to see you have something to drive to keep you occupied. Stick or auto? Don't neglect the old girl just cause there's a younger one around now....
Wow only 12 mpg around town. :hs My mileage went down a little when I put the Continential 275 45 ZR18 on it. 16 mpg if I do not get on the highway. I am also topping out at 22 mpg, with the factory tires I could get 25+. But are those Continentials sticky :thum Oh and I have 3.55 gears and stock intake and tune.