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Our Texas members check in


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I just got back from Dallas on Monday and let me tell you.....crazy weather. Lucky to have gotten out when I did. Hopefully we will hear from our stangfixers soon.....


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I have seen posts from Kelly, no electricity and no heat for a few days. I saw she finally was able to make a fire in her fireplace for some warmth. The bigger issue down there appears to be a water shortage, hopefully they all thaw out soon. I don't think the Austin infrastructure was built to handle this type of event.


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Saw a FB post from this morning that she has power back on but no H20 at this time. She seems to be muddling through.


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Been in contact with Kelly. She said she has power now. Said her house is well insulated it never went below 55. She said water is the problem now.


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My house was not impacted in Allen, but the Farm is another thing, 2 grand in damage just to the well. It froze 6 feet down. A lot of pipe damage in the well house. Tomorrow, my brother and I will access the damage to the farm house then 2 shops, 8 barns and a mile of pipe to inspect. Going to be a long/expensive day. We had 170+ consecutive hours below freezing. The heater tape we put on the pipes does not help when there is no power.


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Whats a frost line. Never had one here. Lucky the damage is limited to mostly the well and a few pipes in the barns, all line are capped now and there is running water now.


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A frost line is the depth that the ground freezes at. Keep the majority of your lines below (usually about 6-10 inches and the pipes won't freeze. That being said you would need a low point to drain the lines if you expect the lines to freeze.

I'm sure Texas never had to think about this at all prior to this.


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The frost line in my place is about 2,5 ft = 80cm.

But it never freezes that hard anymore.
Last weekend it froze the whole day through with sunny wheather and this weekend I weared my shorts at 18°C !

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Did it snow in Texas November of 1980? That is when I was discharged from the Air Force and drove home from Louisiana. I remember taking the 10 and driving on snowy roads. 22 year old kid in a 69 Mustang sportsroof.



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I guess we've all learned that the old saying of "Don't mess with Texans" is just horseshit. Throw a little snow and sub 32* at them and they act like Big city YANKEES.



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Ok, just now checking in to Stangfix, but thanks to everyone who checked up on me on FB!

Everything weather-wise is all back to normal now for the most part - it was 75* yesterday :p A lot of people are still out of water because of a colossal number of water main breaks, burst pipes, etc. Countless apartments ruined and people displaced. Lot of homes totally ruined as well.

I'm lucky in that I have a great well-insulated and well-built house. Temps indoors ranged from 52-55* over 3 days of no power, with outside high temps below freezing and low temps in the single digits/teens. But I'm also fortunate that I am super well prepared for this kind of stuff. Growing up, NC would frequently be hit by hurricanes or ice storms or both every year, and every year we would lose all power/heat/water (no natural gas either) for 1-10 days. So I already know the drill when it comes to storing water and staying warm. I felt that this experience was kind of an upgrade from that because I did have running hot water for a few days (lost for 1 day, it's back now) and I've got a gas stove so I could cook whatever I wanted! So really, this was more of a glorified unexpected camping trip where I got to have hot food, hot showers, and a comfy bed.

But again, I am totally equipped for living outside and I'm used to this kind of stuff. I feel really bad for everyone who doesn't have that kind of life experience or skillsets - it's not their fault. But you better bet that everyone knows how to survive a week of roughing it in freezing temps now!