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Pictures of the wiring

I found the wire that I needed for the 4 prong plug by the 3 prong flat plug.

What is this plug? I can't figure out what the 4 wires are that go to the plug, one looks green from the back side, looks like a 2 prong plug one female and one male slot.

What could this possible be for?

Some wire ends you might need?

The two prong plug near the brake MC is for the hood lamp harness; you may or may not have that feature. The odd-looking four pin, 2 plug affair is for the tilt steering wheel assembly: the red/blue wires there interrupt the starter signal if the wheel is not in the proper position.

Thanks, but I'll pass on the plug remnants. Glad you found the NSS/BU plug/harness.
Is that for a courtesy light to see the engine bay or would that be for a flasher hood? If its a courtesy light for the engine bay, can you tell me the wiring on it for me to check and possibly use?
That's for the turn signals on the hood itself. If you don't have that hood, the plug is left alone.

Many optional accessories access plugs and connectors that are provided on various harnesses; if the accessories were not ordered, the plugs and connectors on the harnesses are still there but unused. It was cheaper for Ford that way.