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Pork butt


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planning on slow cooking a pork butt tomorrow. Planning on setting the Primo to 225 degrees before Church at 10AM. Should be ready by 6 or 7 PM
Cheese last weekend on the Primo.

The finished product.

I did as I ago, Jarlsberg, mozzarella, pepper jack, sharp white Cheddar, Munster and Gouda.

I used peach and apple. I did some using pistachio shells.

Yum! I age mine as long as I can. 45 days minimum. Sent some to my WE.

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I used alder on this batch. I have some oak, hickory, pitmasters choice, pecan, grapevine and wine barrel to try out in the future.

Yours sounds good, might have to give peach and pistachio a try.