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Raffle: Let's Try Something Different!


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I have a new idea for providing an underdash harness at even a lower cost: $25, instead of the usual $175. Here's how it will work:

The first seven people to send me a PayPal (or check) for $25 are eligible for a refurbished underdash harness with a year of their choice. I will post the order of who sent in funds here in this post: 1 thought 7 with an individual post; the post identification number[nb]this post's ID number is 89967, found by clicking on the post itself and looking at the resulting URL[/nb] will be used later. When all 7 donations are in, I will add all of the post identification numbers, and divide by seven. The remaining number will be used to select the lucky recipient (remainder of 0 will be assigned to the seventh person). The winner selects what year harness he wants, and either sends in a core of any year or pays an additional $50 and I'll mail him/her the harness he has selected.

If after 3 weeks, there haven't been 7 donations, I'll refund all funds to those that donate.

So...here's your chance to get a harness of your choice for $25. These harnesses are available reproduction from $500 to $1500. Even if you don't need one, you can sell it on Ebay, or sell it to your best friend at any price you care to; the 2 year warranty is transferable.
I am in if you can do a 67 GT Harness which I have as a core. What address do I send my paypal to?
Paypal address is harnesses at fusemail.com[nb]spam filter[/nb]; replace the " at " with the "@"
OK! GTScode is #1, and the message number to add to the random selection is: 91028

We need 6 more by June 25; otherwise, all funds will be refunded.

Randy aka Midlife
Three weeks gone by, and only one entrant. Wow...I would have thought this would have been a great way to get a harness really really cheaply!

Justin: I refunded your money.