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Rear ride height


Can anyone tell me the correct rear ride height for a 70' Mach 1 ?
I'm looking to replace my leaf springs ( suggestions would be good) and my ride height is 15" drivers and 16" passenger Wheel c/line to wheel arch lip.
I've got 245/60/15's with plenty of clearance and just want a slightly firmer ride, I assume the springs are original and shot so even standard would be a big improvement.


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This is page 35 from the 69 Mustang Chassis Manual. Yours is type 63 (fastback), and you should look at dimension F, and the chart on the bottom right shows the variation in ride height due to fuel load. Most people will not want their car this high in the air.


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Thanks for that, I think mine is riding a couple of inches high which is odd as the springs are old and there's nothing else altered by the look of the mountings, i'll recheck my figures


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That measurement F looks like its also dependent on the overall tire diameter. I wonder why they didn't specify the dimension from ground to axle centerline and then ground to wheel arch?


There is a table on the left for different wheels ( 15" as well) I've got air shocks ( going to be replaced!) and with 0lbs in them mine still rides a bit over stock which has to be odd for old very tired springs, perhaps the back end is being held up with the deflated shocks still?