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Replacing only 2 1/16 Guages in 1967-68


I'd like to replace the two outside 2 1/16 guages in my 67 Mustang with something more accurate. I'd like to use the Z series guages from Autometer. I tried to mock up this setup using an old SunPro guage. It fits but does not look very good. Does anyone have pictures or a link to a website which shows how this was done with good results?


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2-1/16" seems awfully small... I beleive most folks are using 2-5/8" guages. You can either slide them in so they are proud of the dashboard, or mount them behind. Most cut the gauge bezels off mount them from behind. I mounted mine from the front and used the autometer angled bezel / sleeves to keep the gauges all on the same angle.

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Agreed. I used the 2 - 5/8 Phantom gauges mounted from the front. I mounted them straght on and like it.

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