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Shielding Gas - 75% ar + 25% co2 Vs Stargon


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I've always used an Argon Co2 (75 -25) mix. Stargon is basicly a brand name, but stands for 90% Argon, 8% Co2, and 2% Oxygen. I stopped at a friends house today, he recently switched to stargon. Hes says its way better, b/c everything he welds now comes out much cleaner. He says thats the only difference he noticed, but the difference is huge (According to him).

To my knowledge, the Co2 is what makes the weld hotter, and penetrate the material further. Most likely, i'll never weld anything bigger then 5/16" - 3/8", and even that is very extreme. I'm curious to what everybody here is using and why.

I'd like to hear any Pros - Cons, opinions, and member knowledge. Thanks.


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Jake, all we use is the 75-25 mix, the best way to tell is to try both. A couple of my guys bought the HF helmets and them like . Rich.
We have used stargon for a while. I learned about stargon from an old school builder years ago while in Cali.
Most of my guys dont really care but i prefer stargon

Im not sure about the co2 and if it burns faster but it would make sense.


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