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The latest Earhart theory....Your thoughts, Midlife?


I Don't Care. Do you?
Well, that certainly doesn't amount to a claim they found the aircraft, IMHO. What they describe are unusual sonar returns that they suspect may be due to the plane sliding down the steep coral cliffs surrounding the island leaving scars in the terrain. They argue that the size of the sonar returns are somewhat consistent with the dimensions of the plane, but that does not constitute evidence. They have identified a suitable place to go look for the plane. They did go back, but equipment issues prevented them from really performing a suitable search. The sonar anomaly is just that: an anomaly and not evidence of a plane.

Your wording is somewhat misleading. You'd be better to say that they found an anomaly underwater that they suspect may be due to the plane. Placement of the word "plane" before the the "suspect they found underwater" implies more about the plane than the sonar anomaly deserves. Most people would read your phrase and interpret it to say they actually saw the plane itself underwater.
Don't take my word for it. Read what is on the TIGHAR website written by the same organization. They seem to think its the plane or maybe more accurately the bits and such of her as she broke up sliding down said slope.


I am especially interested in the closing summary. It talks of next steps being having even more analysis of the sonar study looked at by other experts. And needing more money for that at the same time saying finding a real piece of evidence is what would be really confirming. I'm no plane hunter but seems to me money would be better spent hiring real deep water experts that have the ability to drop down a camera and verify once and for all what they are looking at.


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Why has someone with those new waterproof cell phones not jumped in and take some pics?


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Why don't they get the Oak Island guys out there, they are great at finding nothing. And now I see they have another show, something to do with not finding gold in Lake Michigan.