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Track Videos


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Yeah, finished as in "had to pull into the pits after lap 1 and couldn't continue" finished...


The NorCal dude from Belgium
And ......video is way too short soooooo ...maybe I have to believe Midlife ???


Burning Fossil Fuels at c2
Whats tracks top speed ? and where , straight to the finish ?
2.5 mile course. We had a range of 1:56 - 2.14's. I got down in the 2:02's which is 3 sec faster than my previous best. I really doubt I have enough skill to get below 2:00. Top speeds range in the 120-130mph on the front stretch, start/finish line. We are all running on old bias tires too!


I Don't Care. Do you?
You can find a couple seconds. Keep after it. Hell, losing a few pounds might get you close!

*resisting the urge to suggest a trimming of the ears