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FORSALE Used ‘65-‘68 parts


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Picked up a bunch of used parts as part of a deal. Make me an offer on anything you are interested in. These will be going up for sale on other sites as well.

2 sets of original small block valve covers
1 set of Mickey Thompson vintage valve covers
2 sets of original 65-66 tail light bezels.
1 set of original 65-66 tail light lenses.
3 original horse and corral ornaments. One with grille bars
1 original 67 horse and corral with grille bars
1 original 65-66 thermactor pump
1 original 65-66 heat control valve
1 original 65-66 gas cap. (Good condition)
2 original 289 air cleaner assemblies
1 original 289 dip stick
1 original 65-66 hack and ratchet handle
1 original single groove pulley (power steering?)
4 original 67 quarter trim “vent” ornaments
1 original and 1 new 67 front turn signal lens
1 set of what look like ‘70 side mirror housings. Glass missing on one, remote part broken on the other. Depends if you are handy enough to repair.
1 original 65-66 side view mirror.
1 original set of painted 67 rear bumper brackets
1 original set of chrome 66-66 rear bumper brackets.
I’ve got original door handles and 67 interior window cranks but they are in original condition. Let me know if you are interested. Also have original front bumper brackets for 65-66.

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I need a stock dip stick. Mine is aftermarket and I have no clue as to it's accuracy.

Ship to 84757?


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