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Virginia Classic Mustang Kudos


Yak, yak, yak
When ordering my parts I generally have my "core" suppliers that are my go to folks. Virginia Classic Mustang is one of my top two. I have been dealing with them since 1985 and have always experienced outstanding customer service.

The reason for my post today is to share a recent example of their level of service. This weekend I placed an internet order with them for all of the weatherstripping for my coupe project. I love the "wishlist" feature of their website as it allows me to locate and save parts for future purchase. I had the weatherstripping there originally and simply moved everything to my cart. What I hadn't realized was I had listed a repop set for the rear quarter windows and a Ford tooling set. When I placed the order I inadvertently ordered both sets. Today I received a phone call from VMC regarding my order. They discovered the duplicate order and wanted to double check with me whether I intentionally ordered both sets or had done so in error. I was extremely pleased with their actions, especially considering it was MY error and not theirs. A lot of businesses would have just said screw it and sent both. When you find a good supplier you stick with them. Service like this is one of the reasons they have had much of my business for as long as they have. I just wanted to give a public kudos to them! Thanks VMC!!


^^^^^^ Ditto here - Virginia Classic is one of my top vendors on my projects because they understand what keeping the service promise to customers really means.


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same here. i order most of my stuff from them also. John @ Opentracker turned me on to them when he sent me there to buy my LCA's when setting up my suspension & i was immediately impressed with their service.