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What's for Xmas dinner?


What are you fixing for Xmas dinner? Me? Planning to Spatch Cock a turkey, then onto a weber it goes and yes smoke a ham. Yum!
Well we celebrate Christmas and plan on cooking a beef tenderloin roasted directly on the coals. The dish is called Lomo Al Trapo. Paired with roasted asparagus and either baked potatoes or roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Good to see you back around Craig.

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The tradition around here is a full standing rib roast, twice baked potatoes, other fixings and pies! Nothing too fancy, but hard to be a good prime cut of meat.
I have both tenderloins from the calf we just had butchered. They have been aged for 4 weeks. I will wrap them in bacon and then smoke them with hickory that I just cut down (I like to smoke with green wood - more flavor). After two hrs, at 190-210, I will crisp up the bacon on the flat top and also grill some veggies.

Julie will be making too many cake and pies to even try to each just a piece of each one.

All this reminds me to sharpen all our knifes this weekend. I got new stones last year for Christmas. Nothing worse than a dull knife.
Both side have pretty large contingents so they are true family style. Eve is for the out-laws. Chicken, pasta, BBQ meatballs
Day is my side with Ham, turkey, several broccoli salads and kugelis. Day also 3 aunts that try to out bake each other with cookies and cakes (pineapple turnover, carrot and more)
Polish sausage and sauerkraut for both days. Smoked and steamed with onion. Sauerkraut is simmered with stewed tomatoes and bacon
Im trying something new this year: Ive always wanted Prime rib for Christmas dinner and I recently saw a school classmate make a salt encrusted Prime rib. Not sure we're gonna go that route but I did get a three pound roast. All sources say it is really easy to prepare and cook. Stepson wants pan fried brussel sprouts and bacon and SWMBO wants red skin mashed potatoes.
Usual fare. Big ole turkey with all the usual fixin's for the big family gathering tonight. Tomorrow on Christmas proper doing up a ham.