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Young new mustang owner ready to get educated


New Member
Hey everyone, I am the proud new owner of an all-american '67 mustang coupe and thought I'd show off her good bits. She is DEFINITELY going to need some work, but I finally saved enough after 4 years to get this baby in my name. Now I just get to figure out how to get this hunk of metal back on the road and looking shiny! Any and all tips and advice are greatly appreciated, amd hopefully my journey with this 'stang will someday help someone else.

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Welcome. That's a nice looking coupe. Yes, it could use a little work, but it does not look too bad. Let's hope that is the case and you can start driving it and enjoying it soon.


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Welcome to the fix!

That's a nice base to start with. Seems to be solid. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

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Welcome! Best advice I can give you is to focus on the basics first. Get it running and operational before anything else. A shiny car that sits in the garage is no fun at all! When it comes time to upgrade start with the brake system. Once you have a running, driving and safe car THEN you can get to making it look the part. Follow this path to get the most enjoyment out of your new car and be able to sustain the energy and drive to keep working on it.

70 StangMan

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Welcome to the Fix. As said before. Start with the basics and move forward. Looks like you are ahead of the game with that ride.


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Looks like a nice starting base. I would offer the advice of your first purchase for your "new" car would be to buy the FORD FACTORY SHOP MANUAL. IT WILL pay for itself!! Best of luck.



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Welcome. My advice...first get it indoors. Do not full on wash it...aka with a hose. Make sure your cowling does not leak.

Now proceed with the mechanicals. As noted get it safe first then start your updating.


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Congrats! Looks like a real solid car. I agree on getting it running first. It's always easy to pull the drivetrain later if need be. Stick to task at hand. Otherwise you will start with engine, see body stuff, and before you know it have a garage full of parts.